Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Blog

I had a wonderful Birthday weekend. Kelly flew into Wichita, and Kerry drove in from Iowa and waited on Kelly's delayed flight to ICT before driving out here to Dodge City. Then it rained pretty much all weekend. The boys wanted to do a picnic, but as far as I was concerned, a couple of rainy days was the best weather of all. Now, my peas are finally coming up, the strawberries are getting ready to bloom, and the pansies are happy as am I.
We did some silly things, some fun things, and had a generally relaxing weekend. At one point, we were all sitting in the family room supposedly watching TV. I looked around and realized how life has changed in the past 10 years or so. Each of the four of us was sitting with a laptop computer, (3 Macs, and one PC) reading messages and pecking away on the keyboard. Here we are, only getting to be together for a few days a year, sitting side by side and communicating with anyone else in the world but each other! I love my little PowerBook, but I still wonder how the internet became such an important part of our lives so quickly?
When the family comes home, I usually give them each several special requests for food (I think they must come home to eat....) This time, it was chicken and noodles, french toast, and the perennial family favorite, home-made-from-scratch apple pie with ice cream. Of course, since it was my birthday, there had to be cake, too. No one wanted a store-bought cake, so I had the 'privilege' of making my own birthday cake. My only demand was that I would not be required to decorate it, too. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing served picnic style directly from the pan was my choice.
When it came time to serve the cake, Kelly decided it needed at least a little decorating. I don't know where he found it, but he came up with a container of 'sprinkles' from my kitchen cabinet. No one could quite figure out what he was doing when he pulled out a kitchen knife and started scratching at the icing, but he was drawing a BIG "6-0" in the top of the cake. Then he rolled some 'sprinkles' into the indentations. Before I knew it, the cake also had little nests dug in the icing for leftover Easter Peeps, and my cake was decorated. They added 2 little forgotten birthday candles found somewhere in the bottom of a kitchen shelf, and 2 red Christmas candles in cut glass candle holders from the living room mantle and the party was on. Sometimes, the impromptu happenings create the memories that will remain.
Monday was my actual birthday. My friend Cricket invited me to go out to lunch. She surprised me when several more of our quilt guild friends joined us. We had a delightful time.
Of course, the conversation eventually turned to quilting. The discussion turned to stipple quilting, and, since no one had note paper with them, we ended up passing pieces of my birthday card envelopes around from person to person, each of us sketching ideas on the backs and flaps of envelopes. We sketched different ideas for traditional stippling. Cricket, being a cowgirl, sketched 'ropes', someone else drew 'pebbles', I added some continuous vines and leaves, and trees. Isn't it fun to share ideas when everyone has something exciting to contribute? Do you have a favorite way to fill the negative space on your quilts? Here are some of our sketches:

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  1. Yummmm. Dan's favorite cake - chocolate on chocolate. But, even better, marshmellow peeps. I mailed him some peeps to Nepal but he said that they were stale by the time the got there. (You can't believe the post office when they tell you that it will take 10 days to ship a package from here to Nepal. It actually took 6 weeks as customs wanted to see the peeps.)