Monday, April 6, 2009

Ideas and suggestions, cont'd

B 'n J Barber of Lucky Lane
I too love your poppies quilt and the purple posies. I want to make them right now!!! I cannot wait for your book to come out. The purple posies quilt will be in the new book too? Ewww, fall 09 is a long time off!!! On making your blog fun to read, I like tips and techniques, little videos, and day in the life kinds of anecdotes. Let us get to know you... that kind of thing. Little projects to master your signature techniques would be fun too. The conflict for you will be balancing what you 'give away' on the blog vs. what you sell in your shop and your books. Lots of blog authors are able to strike the right balance. I hope you can too. I will be checking back frequently.
Thanks, B 'n J, for your comments and suggestions! It's reassuring to know that there are quilters out there reading my posts. Love to hear from you! Yes, Purple Posies and Plaid Poppies will be patterned in the new book. I just got off the phone with my editor, and we discussed moving the publication date up from October to late summer. I will certainly post a BIG announcement on this website and blog when the book is available. What am I doing today? My TO DO list looks like this: #1: Package up all the orders and get them out today. BUT I've run out of several items, so some will have to wait until the distributor's shipments get here. I had to give the printer an emergency call this morning when I ran out of Wall Flower patterns over the weekend. (Quick 40-mile round trip to the printers this afternoon.) And I ran out of shipping envelopes and other supplies plus my printer ran out of ink (Quick trip to the local Wally-World store). And then I'll need to ship the orders out. (Quick trip to the Post Office and the UPS Center.) By now, you've gotten the picture. I haven't even gotten to #2 on my list, and my day is all planned out. Forget about changing the kitty litter, washing the dishes, grocery shopping, watering the indoor plants, laundry, and hauling out the trash! (Isn't it amazing how all these things will still be there to do when I get back?) You never have days like this, do you? So, I'd better get off this computer and get going! Watch tomorrow's blog for ideas from my program titled "Everything but the Kitchen Sink". It's all about the stuff that quilters find useful that can't be bought at Quilt Shops. (Think the hardware store, lumber yard, toy department, gardening centers, etc. )

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