Friday, April 24, 2009

SEW FLAKES.....Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Today I was teaching my Wall Flower class in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma at the Sew Flakes Quilt Shop! What a great group of people! Terry, their sewing machine technician came to my rescue when we were doing embroidery for some of the blocks in the quilt. With a variety of sewing machines that I am not familiar with, he had to assist people with problems. (And me, too, a few times!) We got to play with a brand new Bernina 830. I learned how to reposition the hoop to stitch multiples of one design in one hooping, and lots of other things, too. This is an amazing machine when the operator knows a little bit about what she is doing.....
I started out to do a 3-hour session, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. But before I knew it, afternoon turned into evening and several of my afternoon students stayed on to finish up their embroidery squares into the evening session. We ended up getting lots done. 
One of my students is a lady who allowed me to photograph a couple of her great string quilts for the Gallery of Quilts for my new book. It was great getting better acquainted with her. I slipped out of the house yesterday morning without my camera! (SHAME ON ME!) I think one of the workshop participants is going to bring her camera, so we'll take some photos download them to this computer before I leave. With permission, I'll post some of the photos on a blog Sunday or Monday. 
I took about 5 months off from traveling and teaching to work on the quilt and the manuscript for the book, and to work on a couple of new competition quilts, so this is my first traveling and teaching gig in a long time. Sew Flakes has been a great place to get my feet wet again. It takes a little getting used to, and I always seem to need time to get all warmed up again for teaching. I'm glad to have such a relaxed venue to start my summer travel schedule. Thanks go to Chris, Terry, Betty, and the other wonderful and patient staff members at Sew Flakes.

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