Thursday, February 25, 2010

Updates: Gianni & Sally; Knee, etc.

Several e-mail questions from followers about my health concerns prompted this update: Knee is ahead of schedule according to physical therapy people and orthopedic staff. I've got a couple more therapy sessions, and started back with water exercise class yesterday. I came home exhausted, and feeling like I'd gotten a work-out. Knee and the bruised ribs were pretty sore last night, and I'm having a hard time getting moving today, but it's only been 3 weeks! I have to keep reminding myself of that fact. I lost the crutches about a week ago, and am getting ready to return them to the pharmacy this afternoon. Still hurts when I first put weight on it after sitting for awhile, but I'm getting around pretty well. I'm told that the bruised ribs/sprained sacro-iliac joint will take 4 or 5 months to heal, and I'm getting a little impatient with that, but all in all, I am quite lucky.

Gianni and Sally are getting along pretty well. They eat out of the same bowl without fussing now, and will sleep in the same chair, but Sally doesn't like it when Gianni touches her, and will move slightly until they are slightly separated. They love to look out the family room window, watching the birds at the feeders Ken put up on the patio for the cats' entertainment. Better than TV!

They are learning to share toys, but last week Gianni shared something with Sally that I would have rather he's kept to himself. Somewhere, he picked up an eye infection in one eye, and soon, I noticed that both of Sally's eyes were only half opened and sore. I left for a short teaching trip with instructions that both of the cats needed medication several times a day. Ken did his best I'm sure, but the medicine just wasn't strong enough. When I came home, Sally's entire face was swollen, and her eyes were just slits.

After several trips to the veterinarian, and four different rounds of antibiotics, we finally started Sally on an oral medication along with topical ointments. It took several more days to see results, but she is now back to her bright-eyed self. Gianni got the med's, too, even though his infection had subsided quickly. Just don't want them to share things like this again. (Don't they look good now? Notice how attentive they are.... I'm holding the cat treats bag.)

Gianni has turned out to be a real lap-cat, in my face, and especially wanting to sit on my chest while I work on the computer. I finally figured out it wasn't so much me he wanted to be close to, but the warmth of the computer while it was working. Love him, but sometimes I need my lap to myself! And the 5 am wake-up calls are a bit much sometimes. Ken's taken to closing the bedroom door, but then I wake up to knocking at the door. Oh well.....

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