Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Barcelona and Beyond....

I'm home! I got in late Saturday evening after spending the night in Omaha, NE (unplanned) due to blowing snow and nasty driving conditions from Ames, IA Friday. The quilt show in Sitges was amazing. The setting with the deep blue sea was so beautiful, and all those marvelous buildings that are centuries old was a perfect setting for a quilt show. The quilt exhibits were scattered throughout the historic buildings along the seashore. The vendor's mall was in tents very close to the beach and was soooooooo crowded! There were an estimated attendance of 13,000, a 20% increase over last year's attendance. People came from not only all over Spain, but France, England, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and all over Europe. 
The String Quilts class is always my favorite to teach. Each person gets to design their own quilt, and it is always amazing how people manage to come up with more original designs. Each class brings something new to my possibilities list. One thing that I find interesting is how personalities are reflected in what I see on the design walls by the end of the day. Take a look at what these class participant's are wearing, and then look at what they have on their design wall:

 My quilt exhibit was hung in a small art gallery in a historic building. It was so exciting to see the quilts in such a beautiful setting. I wish I could have fit the large poster that stood outside the gallery into my suitcase, but it was way too big.

My daughter-in-law Hilary and I spent 5 days in Sitges for the quilt show, then we traveled to Barcelona for 3 very full days of what we called "Blitz Touring". I'll post some of my travel photos of my trip another day. Watch for it!


  1. Welcome home. Your quilt class looks like fun. I,ll be back to see the rest of the quilts.

  2. Barcelona is so beautiful. Is this a yearly thing? I'm glad you had fun!

  3. The Quilt Show is a yearly thing. This was their 10th year, and I think 6th to hold it in Sitges. It is certainly NOT a yearly thing for me. I was privileged to be invited by my friend Rosario Casenovas, one of the people who helped organize the national Spanish Quilt Guild that hosts this annual show, to teach and to exhibit some of my quilts.

  4. welcome back. As a Spanish teacher I am going to enjoy your fotos.

  5. What an amazing trip you girls must have had and what an honor to have your very own exhibit so far from home! Congratulations :)