Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy Day, Busy People (with apologies to Richard Scarry for stealing his title)

The Campbell household has been buzzing with busy things to do. I'm still frantically trying to get all the quilts finished for the new book, Ken is trying to keep the household running while I work, and the house is being painted as I write this blog. Ken found the most interesting paint crew to take on the 3-story monstrosity of a house. This all-female crew is proof that women can do anything men can do and do it better. Although most of you are already quite aware that women are much better than most men at multi-tasking, these three have to be masters of the art.

Our house painters have day jobs: The head of the crew is my husbands' high school principal Jacque Feist, and her crew members: Dana Essenburg, Jacque's administrative assistant and Suzy Busch, computer teacher at Soule Middle School.

Jacque is the head principal of Dodge City's only high school with 1,750 students. Most of you readers raised a teenager or two. Can you imagine a single building with that many in one place at one time? And trying to keep things orderly and running smoothly? Well, that's what Jacque does daily. Then, after she gets out for the day, she dons her painter's duds, and paints houses for fun! (And a little money, maybe.)

(Yes, that's Jacque at the top of that 30-foot ladder!)

 And then take a look at them at work at their 'day jobs'. These are 3 amazing women, and I'm so thankful that Ken found such professional and detail-oriented people to paint our house! Thanks, Jacque, Suzy, and Dana!

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