Thursday, June 17, 2010

More adventures of Sally and Gianni

I know that quilts and cats usually go hand in hand, and several of you have shared your pet's adventures with me after I've shown you some of what Sally and Gianni are up to from time to time. Ken and I have so enjoyed the companionship of our little kitties.

Both Sally and Gianni were literally alley cats that found their way to the right back yard. Since they started out as outdoor kitties, we've found it nearly impossible to keep them entirely indoors. So they do go out from time to time. We have a 6-foot privacy fence, and that always managed to keep our previous cat Jenny contained, and it works well for Sally as well. Sally has become a little round ball of fur, and does not jump very high or very far. She was just a few months old when we found her, so she is by far more of a domesticated animal.

She does enjoy sitting in the yard, especially watching the birds, squirrels, and the little goldfish in Ken's fish pond. But when she wants to come back inside, she wants back in NOW! She has learned to actually knock on the door. Actually, it is more a 'scritch, scratch, scritch' with her paws, but it results in a knocking sound when the screen door bumps on the door frame. Ken teased her one day by opening the inside door and photographing her perplexed little face when he didn't open the outer storm door. Really funny, don't you think?

Both Gianni and Sally follow me from room to room keeping me company. Where ever I am in the house working, they are not far behind. But when Gianni wants out, he will find a way, so he pretty much comes and goes as he pleases. We really do keep an eye on him as best we can, and he will come immediately when called, especially if his name is followed by "Treats? Time for treats!" Even though Gianni does spend most of his time inside, he grew up as a self-sufficient outdoor critter and he is a determined little thing. There isn't a fence built that will keep him contained.

One morning, Ken called me to the door to look out in the back yard. What did we see? Even though Gianni has no claws on his front paws, he was about 20 feet up in a tree. A little red squirrel was up in that tree teasing him. "Here I am," the squirrel seemed to say, "And you can't catch me!" Note that Sally is on the ancient barbecue doing her best to follow Gianni up the tree. The squirrel is just a few feet above Gianni's head chattering away.

I've seen Gianni climb trees, catch birds, (Catch and release, if Mommy gets ahold of him.) and jump the 6-foot privacy fence. I've even seen him sunning himself on our garage roof. And he has no trouble getting down either. His determination is a lesson in life..... there's very little you can't do, if you set your mind to it, and if you don't pay any attention to your perceived limitations.

Have your pets taught you lessons in life? Please share your experiences with us. Special pets add such richness to our lives.

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