Thursday, July 8, 2010

Before and After

Here I am trying to blog from a hospital bed..... Still quite foggy, and need to be that way for a bit longer, I guess. Tubes out of everywhere right now, but I have internet in my hospital room. Now that's progress! After all, this is probably the most expensive hotel ever imaginable.

According to Denise, my doc's RNP, I did have bone-on-bone with little or no cartilage left in all 3 knee compartments, and really did need this replacement. Well, duh......  I knew that. Why was she so surprised?

I do not like the out-of-control feeling that the pain meds give, so I'm trying to use them as little as possible. I slept really well last night, and can get quite comfortable as long as I don't move. But the PT people keep pushing me to move, so I am doing it, even if it hurts. At least, now there is hope for my knee to heal, whereas before it just kept getting worse. (No Pain, No Gain, right?)

My husband Ken took before photos, and is trying to keep photos taken of the progress, so I'll keep you posted, if you have the stomach for it.....if not, well, just scroll down to the next blog. I will try not to get too graphic.

So, we did get the photos of the new book quilts (tentatively titles simply: Scrap Quilts: Squares and Triangles", but Ken has yet to download them to my computer. I will postg some of them along the way, too. Be patient with me for now.


  1. Oh my - hope you are up and around very soon! What a nuisance to be stuck in a bed, not fun at all.

    I'm looking forward to another book from you. 8-))

  2. Good Luck Elsie, You will feel better everyday and feel so much better after each PT session followed by the ice packs. Love your walker and keep moving!
    I had my second knee replaced in March (just like your's) and after 2 months I was walking for the first time without knee pain in 8 years. So nice to go on my walks and shop and do things again.
    Karen in Tucson, Arizona

  3. Well now that is over it's uphill from here. Just think how it will feel when you're all healed up and you're teaching one of your classes. Be good and do what the Docs tell you. Thinking of you from here in Phillipsburg.