Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

I'm home at last after just 3 days (Very long 3 days) in the hospital. Now, I'm told, is when the real work begins. The pain has proven rather hard to control, and I'm having other symptoms brought on by all the drugs required after surgery for pain and blood clots, and so much blood loss, too. This surgery is not for the the squeamish. You have to know beforehand that you really need it and have faith that it will eventually improve your life in the long run. Now, for pictures of some of the quilts to be patterned in the new book.

None of the blocks use a lot of different sized triangles, even though they may look like it. Most of them are based on 9-patch construction, and speed-piecing techniques for all the triangles needed to make the blocks. Some are 4-patch construction. Take a look at these two sister quilts. They are both 9-patch blocks with alternate squares. What a difference value, color and setting can make.

Then there are the Big and Little Sister Quilts. The similarity is more obvious, but there certainly a difference created by the difference between using 1" squares and 2" squares to create these quilts.

OK? Are you ready for the Triangle Sister quilts? Most of these are constructed using simplified 9-patch or 4-patch construction techniques, ands quick, easy piecing methods for creating all the triangles.

In all there are 13 quilts that will be patterned in the book that is tentatively titled "Scrap Quilts: Squares and Triangles". Some are bright in batiks, some are subdued and use reproduction fabrics, some are simply cheerful in nature. I hope you find something that you really like in the collection.


  1. Elsie, your quilts look fabulous. I hope you recover soon. I know that surgery is very painful.

  2. Dear Lady - get weell soon and don't worry about posting for us. YOU are the important thing here!

    But we still love the quilts! 8-)))

  3. I can't wait for the book to come out! Beautiful job.

  4. Love the triangle quilts! Good luck on your recovery, take care!