Friday, July 23, 2010

July block of the month, alternate version

Short update on the Love Knows No Season block of the month projects that are available for download on my website: The July block features a red and white ribbon with blue stars surrounding it in honor of the USA Flag. Well over half the people who are making this quilt a block at a time are international friends. Many of them wrote to me requesting an alternate July block since they really didn't think they wanted to use the Red, White, and Blue theme.

At first, I rejected that idea thinking it might be more fun for participants to design their own alternate block, but after re-thinking it, I came up with an idea for a 13th block. I love red geraniums, especially grown in natural red clay pots, so I designed an alternate applique block and included it in this month's downloads.

But with all the other things happening in my life, I didn't have time to make an actual sample block (although I will some day). One of my new French friends e-mailed wanting a color photo of the alternate block. I had to write back to explain that I couldn't make one right now, but if she made one, to send me a photo of her version. Just one day later, I got the photo of her finished block! I was blown away!

Instead of actually making all the geranium flowers and leaves from fabric and embroidery, she found a luscious geranium print, cut it up and appliqued it broderie perse style for her block, thus making it a lot quicker to complete the block. (Why didn't I think of that? I've seen that print before.) What I think is amazing is that the flowers and leaves from her print were exactly the right size for this block. What a great idea! Take a look at Angéle André's block for yourself. Isn't it beautiful?

If you'd like to download both blocks just go to my website I'm hoping to self-publish all the block patterns and instructions for the entire project plus a couple of other ideas this coming January, if you've missed the previous ones. Thanks for your interest in this project.  UPDATE NOTE:  This is now a pattern of all 12 blocks which can be purchased here... Patterns for Sale.


  1. Thanks for offering this alternate block Elsie! 8-)

  2. Hello Elsie, I have just spent a happy few minutes browsing your lovely quilts and reading about you. I found you via a link on Life is a Stitch blog. My mum is named Elsie May and here in England it is becoming a popular name. Hope you knee is on the way to recovery.
    Best wishes