Monday, July 5, 2010

T-48 hours and counting.....

Happy Day-after the 4th of July! Our celebration was nice, but fireworks were pre-empted by Mother Nature's own.

For those of you who have been following all my health-related posts, my knee replacement surgery is scheduled to take place in 2 days.....Wednesday July 7. I've been so busy finishing up all 12 quilts for the new book (as yet untitled) that I haven't had much time to stew and fret about it. I have 3 quilts left to bind today and tomorrow, plus getting caught up on all the yard work, and straightening up the house to get ready for my homecoming with a walker. Other orthopedic equipment has yet to be installed. Those of you who are familiar with this, know what I am talking about.

I'm hoping to photograph all the quilts tomorrow with Ken's help, and will try to post some of the photos before my hospital stay. If things go as they should I will be home on Saturday. Our son, Kelly, is coming home to help with my post-op care, and Miss Kitty's Quilters have offered to carry in nutritious and tasty meals for awhile. What would we all do without our wonderful friends? Miss Kitty's has been my biggest and most meaningful social group since moving to Dodge City in 2000. My best friends are participants, and I don't know where I'd be without them.

And as for Love Knows No Season quilt and block of the are still on sale. The quilt will be given away at Miss Kitty's December meeting. For my international friends, I am still planning to design an alternate block for July, since some of you have expressed the desire for something other than the red-white-blue USA patriotic block we included in our quilt.

REMEMBER to download the June block by July 15th, when the July block(s) go up, and thank you for your interest in this project.


  1. I, too, am expecting knee surgery in a week, but just arthroscopic surgery.

    I had gone in for my pre-op appointment yesterday. The doctor had checked my knee and alerted me that with all the creaking and grinding, it may be bone on bone now. He won't know until he has a look inside. Total knee replacement may be in my near future.

    WHAT?! Of all the occasions that I have come in complaining of knee pain, it seems all of a sudden, it's this bad!!

    Please, keep us informed of your recovery from the knee replacement. I hope it will go well and back to normalcy soon.


  2. This must be the season for knee surgery...I also had to have this done three weeks ago and the day I had my surgery the same Doc. was doing six other knee surgeries and all but one was on the left knee....We sure look funny in therapy with all of us trying to outdue the other on getting full movement of our knees back...This is not fun..knowing others are in the same spot and they tell me this to will pass.

  3. So how are you getting along with yours three weeks out? I'm having some minor trouble with muscle spasms in the quads, and calf muscles, but especially having problems with the pre-existing arthritic back. It's hard to be patient with the pain and lack of mobility.

  4. Elsie, We seem to be experiencing the same thing with the muscle spasms...especially at night and like you I am trying to stay off the pain med's...but they say we can't heal if we are in a lot of pain but they scare me. The two hours of PT three times a week hurt to the point of tears but for some reason it is a good hurt. I am still having trouble putting my leg out straight and they tell me it will hold me up but I sometimes panic when putting full weight on it ...still struggling with stairs and getting up from a chair...I guess this is to teach me patients which I have never had...alot of time for hand work so there is some good but oh how the yard and housework is stacking up.
    Take care and don't over due.

  5. I get 1 hour 3 times a week PT, and have tried very faithfully to do the exercises I can do at home daily. I got to 19° of straight unassisted yesterday, and 5° laying down, so guess I'm doing pretty good for 2 weeks out. I overslept yesterday, and paniced about being late, got up and walked to the bathroom and about halfway there I remembered I needed my cane, so got there and back unaided. Won't do that again, but it's good to know the leg will hold me. Slept in my own bed upstairs for the first time last night, but won't be doing and alternating stair stepping for a long while. Glad to have conditioned my arms for lifting my weight out of the chair by having had the experience of arthroscopy so recently. Yard and house will wait. They will be there when we recover, and there's alway next year's growing season.