Saturday, August 21, 2010

Six and a half weeks knee report

I've had so many followers who have sent messages and are wondering about how my recovery/rehab is going with the new knee. Lots of you apparently are either facing knee replacement or went through this process yourself.

I am doing well. I have gone for several long walks of almost a mile or so. That would have been a short walk pre-meniscal tear in December, but now it takes 30 to 45 minutes for me to get that far. And it is not pain-free. For some reason, after my walk on Thursday, my knee decided to swell and throb for the first time in several weeks, so this weekend I am keeping my knee in the air and on ice, except as necessary. And for the first time on Friday, my flexion and extension numbers took a huge set-back. I am doing the stretching and bending exercises but am laying off the work with weights, and on-my-feet part of the routine, hoping to get the swelling to subside.

Honestly, I did not expect to be able to walk unassisted at 6 weeks, or climb stairs foot over foot, but I have been doing those things for nearly 3 weeks already, and the strengthening exercises have take about 2 inches off my body where I needed to lose 2 inches! So, if for no other reason, I am happy with that effect. I've learned so much about different ways to move and strengthen my lower limbs.

So today, I'm supposed to be upstairs working on photography samples for the new book, but I've got so many excuses......The central air conditioner compressor went out on Tuesday. The new unit didn't go in until yesterday afternoon, so the upstairs will take another day or two to really cool down. It was up to 95 degrees up there before the new AC started doing its thing. And then, the house has been so neglected. There is a nice pot of home made beef stew to make for supper, and quilts to unpack. (Yes, the quilts arrived yesterday. They are returning from their photography session in Pennsylvania. And of course, I needed to write a blog. It is only 4 weeks until Kerry and Hilary's Baby C is due to arrive, and I still have to get the layette items finished for him and his mother. Next time, maybe I'll have some fabulous photos of the nursery items that I have stitched for him.

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