Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love Knows No Season has a new home!

Love Knows No Season quilt has a new home. Sherry of Emporia, Kansas and her family stopped by my house yesterday afternoon for the presentation and for a short photo op session. It was delightful to meet her, and know the quilt is going to a quilt-loving family. Yup, it's kind of like adoption, and I was the surrogate mother. I knew this quilt would be someone else's from the beginning, making it a but easier to part with it. Plus, lots of other wonderful people helped in the production of this quilt.

For those of you who have been following this block-of-the-month project, the December block is available right now on my website, and the instructions for setting the blocks together and adding the borders will be up on January 15th. Lots of you have asked if there will be another BOM project for 2011. I simply do not have time to develop and make a new design right now. I will be publishing this project in booklet form with a tentative release date of Feb. 15, 2011. 

In the meantime, there is the editing of the new Squares and Triangles book. The release date for it is now May 1, 2011. And I've got a very full travel schedule, beginning January 8-10 in Winfield, Kansas, and then on the Road to California the 3rd week in January. I usually do not travel in the winter months, but since I had to take several months off this past year for 2 knee surgeries and subsequent physical therapy, I decided to take wintertime gigs this year. Here's hoping the notorious blizzards in western Kansas will choose days in between to plague Dodge City. It appears that this will be a busy year for other reasons, too, which I will have to save for a later blog.


  1. Hello. I'm interested in joining the BOM for the new year, 2011.
    I saw the picture with the rabbit and hearts and fell in love with it. Please let me know how I can join. Thank you in advance for your reply. Evita

  2. To Evita and others interested in the Love Knows No Season project: The patterns and instructions will be published together in a booklet in about a month. They should be available for purchase on or about March 1, 2011 on my website:

  3. There were no rules against buying tickets myself, so I personally bought $100 in tickets. Ruth, I wrote your name on 1/4 of them! The rest were divided among Ken, Kelly, and Kerry but to no avail!