Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still moving......literally!

 A month has past, and lots more events at 2205 Canary Drive, and 1605 Ave. B: New roof,  new insulation, four trees removed, new interior paint, new range, old cook top and oven removed, new range installed, new garage door opener, and more and more and more stuff done at the new house plus lots of incoming bids for more work to be done. 

Emmanuel, Kelly, Kerry, & Marcos

Packing, packing, and packing and furniture moving at the old house. Next on the agenda there: finish up with the packing, move the cats to Canary Drive, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, then listing the house with the local realtors.

I even got in on the renovation act, and painted an entire room all by myself! Who knew? This time last year I could barely get myself in and out of a chair without assistance!

New knee is finally working quite well. Ponca City has a brand new Aquatic Center at the "Y", and I am so enjoying several of the exercise classes there, and especially the 20-person spa. Gotta get one of those hot tub-spas for myself sometime soon!

Gianni and Sally are being rather strange about this moving thing. Sally cowered under the bed while the furniture was being moved until the bed was moved. She had to be kenneled to help her feel safe, while Gianni sat in the garden watching all the activity with much interest. Then, the night after the furniture was gone, Sally was her usually placid self, while Gianni roamed the entire house yowling and prowling and keeping us awake. I will be taking them on the road tomorrow for the 5-hour drive to Ponca City. After consulting with our current veterinarian, I now have a small supply of kitty-prozac to help with this transition. I may need one, too, after the 5-hour car ride with them.

Sewing studio things are finally in their little room, but not in their little places yet. I can hardly wait to arrange my little niche and get things humming again. Still, I have to keep reminding myself one day at a time, and first things first, and that things are really progressing very quickly in spite of my impatience with the process. It's a little like making a very large quilt: First the pieces have to be cut, then arranged, before they can be sewn together. So it is with this move: First the new place has to be prepared, things packed and moved before I can begin to do the things that I love to do.

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