Saturday, April 14, 2012

Springtime on Canary Drive

Spring came very early this year, and now it feels like we've jumped right into late May. Thunderstorms with threats of severe weather today. Last night was more of the same. Ken cleaned out a spot in the garage so that he could actually get his van inside for the night, and plans were made for a quick exit to the storm shelter, if need be. Yes, Spring is in full swing.

We celebrated my birthday yesterday with a shopping trip to several local flooring stores. Measurements and estimates will be forthcoming this next week. The new geothermal heating and cooling system is installed, but not without surprises. First, the electricians accidentally fried all the electronics on my less-than-a-year-old gas range necessitating immediate replacement. Then, the drillers hit some sort of problem at 150 feet on their first hole resulting in a big blow-out, and a gusher-like mud explosion 20 feet into the air. They had to abandon the first 3 holes they drilled, and then resorted to drilling precariously close to our water line. The trenching then broke the water line in two! Then it started to rain, filling the 4-foot deep trenches with red mud and water. What was supposed to take 2 days to install, actually took more than a week. We are now waiting on the concrete contractor to replace the driveway that was destroyed with the trenching, replace the front entryway walk, and re-grade the front lawn so the water will drain properly toward the street. And the front foundation piering should happen about the same time. All this has to take place before the landscapers can come in to place the bermuda grass sod on the lawn. I am so looking forward to having actual grass to mow again!

Enough for the house saga. All the 300+ spring bulbs I worked so hard to put into the ground last fall paid me off with a beautiful display all through March. Now we are watching the new strawberries, and the clematis and roses that we managed to save bloom. A couple of new raised garden beds have been planted in hopes of having some fresh salad greens and other goodies a little later on.

Ovals stitched, turned, with shoe string ties
In the meantime, I've also been attempting to sew a little. First little project was an Easter basket for our grandson, Morgan, who is now 18-months-old. Ken found a small basket he thought would work well, and I made a simple colorful basket liner for it.

 I measured the outer dimensions from the top of one side to the other across the bottom of the basket, and then the oppposing side, added 2" to those measurements and cut two ovals from fabric that size. Then I notched the long sides where the handles lay. I stitched the two ovals right sides together, leaving openings for the bright shoestrings I'd purchased for this project.

I turned the basket liner right sides out, and stitched along the outer edge and 3/4" away to allow for the threading of the shoe strings through the opening.

Shoe strings are run through the openings.
Ready to tie the liner to the basket.
Then the liner was ready to put inside the basket. I tied the shoe strings around the handles, and the basket was ready to fill with Morgan's Easter goodies from Grandma MiMi. I'd still waiting for pictures of Morgan and the fun he had with his little present.

Finished basket with goodies

Well, you get the idea!


I'm also working on putting together the charm apple core quilt. All those little curved seams have proved to be both time-consuming and challenging, but I'm almost there. I will be putting the last row on the quilt top later today. Ken and I rearranged the sewing room a week or so ago to make space for a permanent design wall. (I so love having my design wall again!) But the room is so small that I cannot take a picture of an entire project in one frame. So pardon the corner of the cutting table in this pic, please.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed the date. I've got to say though, after reading your latest saga, that if you didn't have bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all. Wow!

    The flowers are beautiful. I can just imagine your wonderful spring display.

    Take care! Love Ya!

  2. Elsie, your apple core quilt is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks. And I recognize your picture from Facebook! The apple core quilt is already quilted and bound, and it looks very nice on our king-sized bed. It really is that large! It was so much fun to make.