Monday, July 30, 2012

More and more summer fun????

My newest summer project on my design wall. What do you think?
 Another month or so has passed. The kitchen remodel has come to a standstill due to very questionable workmanship on the finish work and the consequent firing of the general contractor. So now, we are living with open storage in the kitchen, the doors and drawers are all on the dining area floor, repainted but not by all means ready to hang and install, and my kitchen things are scattered in 4 different rooms throughout the house. My office is now taking up nearly all the floor space in the sewing room, the china hutch and pretty crystal, etc. is in the sitting room in various corners along with the dining table and chairs, cookie jar collection is sitting on the fireplace mantle, and staples like flour and sugar, who knows where they've ended up. And all this was supposed to be finished before my scheduled CMC arthroplasty on July 12th. (Basal thumb joint replacement)

My hand and arm before stitches  were removed,
and before the cast was applied.
My new blue cast. Note  thumb is
completely disabled for the time being.

Needless to say, I've needed some escape-type of entertainment. So, I've turned to my sewing room and a new project. Here are some of the details.
Since I really struggle right now with a rotary cutter because I cannot manage the rulers, I found a marvelous new addition for my sewing studio: A GO! cutter and dies, lots and lots of dies. This makes it so easy for my to cut all the little pieces I need for my new project. I'm using 3 dies: The 2" finished quarter square triangle die, the 2" finished square die, and the 2" finished half-square triangle cutter. I'm also using the 1 1/2" strip cutter since they do not make a die for 1" finished squares. I can manage to cut pieces off the 1 1/2" strips to make the squares, if I sit down, use my left elbow to hold the ruler, and my Martelli ergonomic cutter in the right hand. I actually purchased 2 sets of 1 1/2" pre-cut strips known as 'honey buns' from my local quilt shop (Completely Quilted), too, so I have plenty of little squares for the alternate Variable Star blocks. 

My new GO! cutter in use. I love it!
Here's what I am making:  6" finished snowball/nine-patch blocks. Each block has 2 red corners, one brown corner, and either a blue or green corner. Each square in the block will finish at 2".

Nine-Patch/Snowball block.
 And then I am making lots of these 6" finished blocks. That's not very big when you realize that each little block has 36 different pieces in it. But with the GO! cutter, this is actually quite easy since all these pieces are cut accurately to size and shape with carefully notched corners for matching. Each block has two red 4-patches made from 1" finished squares, and two brown, or two blue, or two green 4-patches, and one center 4-patch made up of red and whatever color the block is intended to be. Plus four quarter-square triangle squares made up of a red triangle, a triangle of the other color in the block, and two white quarter square triangles like so:

Alternate block (Modified Variable Star block)

This is what the pattern looks like on the design wall:

Close up of the pattern.

Here is the photo of the developing pattern. I will need to make 143 blocks, total, plus edge finishers and borders to make the quilt top queen sized. Don't you love it? This is certainly better than sitting around stewing and fretting about the botched kitchen remodel, the excessive heat that is killing my gardens, and the itchiness of the cast on my left hand, don't you think?

This is about 1/3 of the quilt top when finished.


  1. Wow, that surgery looks serious. Will you be able to hand quilt once you heal?


  2. Janet, Yes, that was why I had surgery, so that I can get back to doing hand applique, and hand piecing. I had no problem before with the hand quilting process. I can even hand quilt with my hand in this cast since I am right-handed and this is my left hand. Thanks for your concern.

  3. So glad you'll be able to do what you love once recovery is complete! Love your summer project - the colors remind me of Oklahoma/Texas summers - dryness, heat, colorful flowers - a little grass - a little rain - perfect!

  4. Maybe that's why I have been drawn to these colors recently. The last 2 quilt tops I've made since our move back to Oklahoma have ysed these same colors.