Workshops - Intermediate+

Seeing Stars?!!!
Piece perfect stars with pointers from Elsie. She shares secrets for preventing belly-button centers and pin-wheeling points. From cutting and stitching to pressing and setting in triangles and squares, this class covers it all! (Project. 6 hours.—Intermediate+. Requires sewing machine.)  Click here for supply list.

Blazing Star Runner
Add sparkle to your table with stars in 2 sizes.  Freezer paper templates make the Blazing Star block child's play. Large star: 16" square; small stars: 12" square. Finished table runner: 24" x 56".(Project. 6 hours—Intermediate+. Requires sewing machine.)  Click here for supply list.

Wall Flower
Based on the techniques Elsie used to create her 
award-winning quilt Star Flower. This is a smaller version (24" square) but uses most of the same techniques to complete. Try your hand at the Wall Flower, and you're prepared to make the larger version from Elsie's new pattern. (Project. 6 hours-Intermediate+. Requires sewing machine.)  Click here for supply list.

Tied up in Knots
Really Skinny Bias Celtic-Style Appliqué
Don't get "tied up in knots" over making bias binding strips for Celtic work. Elsie's technique for making 1/8"-wide bias is "sew" simple, you'll be amazed!  You'll get a free pattern for an original Celtic Knot block, along with expert instruction for needle turn appliqué. (Technique. 3 hours. Intermediate. Hand work only, no sewing machine required.)   Click here for supply list.

Falling Leaves
Only two simple blocks are used to compose the center of this stunning quilt. Learn to stitch perfect curved seams and simple needle-turn appliqué, then play with blocks to develop the graceful vine-like lines that make up the barn-raising set.  (Technique and project. 6 hours. Experienced beginner to Intermediate level.  Sewing machine required.)  Click here for supply list.