Power Point presentation with a trunk show of 15-20 quilts:  $400

Full Day workshop................$40 per person, 8 person minimum ($320) to a maximum of 25 participants and a maximum $600 total fee
Half Day workshop...............$20 per person 10 person minimum ($200) to a maximum of 25 participants and a maximum $400 total fee

(Fees are subject to change without notice. Call for current information.)

The Value of Value (NEW!)

Discover how color and value work together to create the illusion of depth and light in the 2-dimensional media of quilts. Glean great ideas for determining the value of fabric prints and solids, and for using value to develop rhythm and unity in your own designs. The view a selection of Elsie's beautiful quilts that incorporate these techniques. 

Innovations and Renovations

What makes a successful scrap quilt? Learn Elsie's tips for planning and constructing scrap quilts, then view a selection of scrap quilts from Elsie's personal collection. This lecture has been updated and includes photos of quilts made by internationally recognized quilters. 

Tweaking Tradition

Today's quiltmakers have discovered a variety of ways to make stunning quilts based on traditional patterns by adding their own unique twists. The power point part of the presentation includes photos of quilts made by other award-winning quiltmakers as well as Elsie's own quilts in the trunk show portion. Enjoy this visual smorgasborg of colorful quilts.

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